Imam Jamil's Statement on behalf of Sekou Odinga‏

Bismillahi Rahman Ar-Raheem

Sekou Mgabazi Abdullah Odinga was a Muslim who fully understood that fighting on behalf of
the oppressed is imcumbent upon us as believers. He demonstrated that understanding by
joining and fighting with other oppressed people in South Africa, Lebanon and Palestine just to
name a few people and places. He returned to continue the fight for liberation of the oppressed
here involving his own people.

Allah has sustained Sekou Odinga in PEACE and again and again in BATTLE
We ask Allah to forgive brother Sekou of his sins admit him to a favored place of honor in His
Jinnah amongst the righteous martyrs and to comfort his family and loved ones.
Inna allahi wa Inna allahi rajun. Surely from Allah we come and Surely to Allah we must return.

your brother in Islam and in struggle
Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin
Prisoner At War