Official IJAN Quarterly Update - September-November, 2022

Imam Jamil, Give Us Some Information and We’ll Let You Go

IJAN Update -- 2022 November
IJAN Update -- 2022 November

The Conviction Integrity Unit recently visited the Imam at the Penitentiary in Tucson. Certain details have been made scarce, however, during the visit, government agents accompanied the unit to make an offer to the Imam. The offer was, give them information, and they would let the Imam go. His reply was that he was gone awhile, so he had no information for them.

The Confession, will it be Televised?

October 4th, 2022, saw a rally in front of the CNN building in Atlanta. The call was for CNN and corporate media in general to air the confession of Otis Jackson, the one who committed the well known shootout. The rally saw a fair turnout and outreach, some police intimidation, and a “promise” from employees at CNN that the confession will be aired. The days leading up the rally, reports were heard that CNN was trying to gain access to interview Otis Jackson in person.

Let the Movement Go Forth

The New Darul Islam Movement has gone international and is now in Africa. Coming in 2023, the Movement once again sponsors the Riyadah, this time to be in New York right after Eidul Adha. Also sponsored by the Movement, the much awaited Boys Camp, coming to William Umstead state park, Raleigh, NC, on Jul 3rd to Jul 9th.


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