IJAN Update -- March 2022

FBI's Black Identity Extremists is COINTELPRO 2.0
Pass the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act HR-2998

IJAN Update -- 2022 March
IJAN Update -- 2022 March

Last Spring, a bill forcing the FBI to release publicly millions of pages documenting its destruction, murder, harrassment, disruption and surveillance of movements, organizations and people in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  It was sponsored by Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush.  And even though the COINTELPZRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was 'ended' in the mid-70s, its victims across the Black liberation, anti-war, civil rights ranged from Dr. King, Fred Hamption, Imam Jamil, Malcolm X.

In October 2017, the FBI's "Black Identity Extremists" program was discovered, targeted toward anybody for monitoring who desire a "separate Black homeland . . . social institutions, communities, or governing organizations within the United States."  Even though it was officially ended in 2019, just like the COINTELPRO years ago, activists from the 2020-2021 Upsurge reacting to the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others, are being followed, monitored, targeted for harrassment, surveillance and who knows what elese.  Exposing the millions of pages documenting COINTELPZRO's crimes is in the interest of this new generation as well as 1960s veterans. 

The COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Coalition now has close to 40 organizations endorsing and expanding.  On March 25, the coalition launched its first education / action webinar, with 2020 and 1960s activists Dedan Waciuri and Sekou Odinga describing their experiences under attackby the state.  Bro. Dedan had just won his case after a defense committee waged a 2-year public defense campaign; Bro. Sekou after suffering torture and abuse by police, endured 30 years imprisonment.  Coalition members from Justice For All and Imam Jamil Action Network walked web attendees through how to put calls and letters into congressional representatives' offices.